Is it true that in order to get customers in network marketing that you have to be a super sly salesman?

You have to be awesomely confident in the product?

And the opportunity, you have to study everything that there is about the ingredients and the compensation plan?

I’m going to debunk that myth about being super salesy.

So here’s my three step process to get you a customer in your business today.

#1: What It’s In It For THEM?

When someone comes in and says, “Hey, I’m interested in the thing you’re talking about.

You might feel like, Oh my God, I’ve got to say the right things to sell them on the thing. The right thing to say to them is number one is “Why?”

  • What has you curious?
  • What has you interested?
  • What have you tried in the past?
  • What have you tried in the past that you didn’t like, that you did like?
  • What are you currently struggling with?
  • What is going on in your life right now that you’re looking for an opportunity or you’re looking for a product to help solve whatever it is that they’re looking for?

You start asking them that question. They’re going to tell you exactly what they want. And then you sell them the thing that they want.

#2: Make Your Tools Make Your Money

Now, once they’ve told you all of that just simply point them to a tool.

We always use videos. Why a video? Because the video can do a better job at explaining your opportunity or your product better than I can, better than you can.

So why not teach your downline to do the same exact thing? Because it’s super duplicatable.

Now your prospect can see, “Oh my God, I don’t have to be super slick sly salesman. I don’t push away people. All I have to do show them the video because the video is probably designed to do all the selling for you.”

Whether it’s from another rep in your company or a video from your company.

So number two is point people to a tool say, “Hey, I’m a little bit behind right now, or I’m walking out the door right now, but tell you what, check out this video. This is the product, or this is the opportunity that I’m with, I think will absolutely help you with X, Y, Z.”

Whatever, the things that they said that they were looking for pretty easy.

#3 Follow Up With Prospect

It’s up to you to follow back up with them.

And so what I would do is when I follow back up with them and say..

  • “Hey Henry, Hey Susan, Hey, did you get a chance to check out that video?”
  • “Yes, I did.”
  • “Okay, great. What’d you like best about what you saw?”

They’re going to tell you X, Y, and Z, about what they liked, maybe some things that they didn’t like, and that’s totally okay. But after you go over any questions that they have, I love asking this one last question.

Be sure to check out the video below for this last question!

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