Need good MLM scripts or simple MLM prospecting tips to help you recruit and get more customers in Network Marketing?

This is a quick network marketing training video gets right to the point and will give you simple network marketing prospecting tips to follow so you know exactly what to say to prospects who are interested in your products or mlm opportunity.

Over the last 8 years of studying and implementing these network marketing scripts and strategies, I’ve found great network marketing training from people like Ray Higdon, Eric Worre, Tanya Aliza, and Big Al Schreiter. If you’re familiar with these MLM trainers, this is why you’ll notice a “hybrid” of scripts compiled together and after testing them for years, I’ve found these mlm recruiting scripts work the best.

MLM Scripts I Used To Recruit 500+ Reps | MLM Prospecting Tips


BIG DISCLAIMER: By using these mlm scripts, I am by no means guaranteeing that you’ll recruit like a maniac and everyone you talk to will say yes. What I do guarantee is you’ll be able to get to the point with your prospects and get the information in front of your prospect without having to be a pushy, sly salesman using these mlm scripts and mlm prospecting tips.


Step 1: Ask

Once a prospect has reached out to you (either commented on a post or messaged you online), the first step is to genuinely ASK them why they’re interested.

ASK: “Hey, I appreciate you reaching out. I’m curious, what has you interested?”

This is where your prospect will tell you what piqued their interested, what they’re struggling, and possibly what they want help with. This is a simple prospecting question to ask to see if what you have to offer will help them.

If it does, move on to the second step of the mlm script.


Step 2: Deflect

DEFLECT: “I appreciate you sharing that with me and totally get where you’re coming from. Listen, I’m about to head out the door now for a bit, but if I sent you a quick video that explained everything best, how soon would you be able to check that out?”

This is a massive prospecting tip because the last thing you want to do with your prospect is “spew out” all the information and try to get all the sales lingo right.

Instead, just deflect and ask your mlm prospect if they’re open to watching a video (or any tool) that will do the explaining (and selling) for you.

If they agree and say yes, move on to the next step of the mlm script.


Step 3: Tools

I’ve said this in multiple videos – make your tools make you money!

Since they’ve agreed to watch the video (or whatever tool you’re using to explain your opportunity or product), now just send them the link to watch it.

TOOLS: “Awesome. Here’s the info: (insert link to video) I’ll follow back up with you in a bit.”

And that’s how simple it is.

No need to complicate the conversation or hype up your opportunity. Just give them the information and let them decide for themselves if they want to move forward with you or move on without you.


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