What are the best lead magnet templates or ideas for lead magnets to use for a Network Marketing sales funnel?

And, how to create a lead magnet from scratch for my business?

These are all great questions for those looking for lead magnet examples but they aren’t sure exactly what lead magnet to use for lead generation.

This video will break down what is a lead magnet and how to find really good lead magnets to use for a Network Marketing sales funnel.

Lead Magnet Ideas #1: Model What’s Working

Do you realize that the “Big Dogs” probably spent hours and a bunch of money to hire someone to put together a proven, high-converting lead magnet for their business?

That’s like them leaving a trail of bread crumbs for you.

All you have to do is jot down some ideas from a few people in your niche and what lead magnet offer they’re giving away and you’ll start seeing a common pattern.

I would highly recommend you model what’s already working.

Lead Magnet Ideas #2: Interview An Expert

I hear Network Marketers say all the time, “Trey, I’m not an expert and I’m not credible enough to be giving tips!”

Okay, so go interview the Top Earners or other big influencers in your niche market who are experts or leaders and interview them on a Zoom call.

All you’d have to do is record the interview of them giving their best secrets.

Package it up and use that as your lead magnet!

Lead Magnet Ideas #3: The “PLR” Store

Want a simple secret trick for creating lead magnet templates and ideas?

Go purchase “done-for-you” lead magnets by going The PLR Stores.

PLR stands for “private label rights” and you can purchase very affordable lead magnets to use (or even resell) for your business.

This is perfect if you’re someone who doesn’t want to overthink things and get your funnel up fast!

These are just 3 lead magnet ideas to use, but the video below will help spark more ideas for lead magnets.

Best Lead Magnet Templates To Use?

The best lead magnet templates for creating your lead magnet is hands down Canva.com

This website comes with hundreds of lead magnet templates to use and it’s very simple to create a beautifully-branded lead magnet from scratch especially if you have limited graphic design skills like myself!

But, if you’re limited on time and would rather outsource this project, you can hire a Freelancer to create your lead magnet for you using services like UpWork.com or Fiverr.com


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